WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger Review

WORX WG175 reviewTaking care of your garden can turn from an enjoyable hobby to a daunting task. The current grass trimmer that you are using can be inconvenient or inefficient to use. Trimming can be a real ordeal if you do not have the right equipment to use. Whilst, WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer is the perfect solution to your problem. As far as WORX WG175 is considered, it is a garden equipment that is extremely easy and convenient to use.

WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer Features

  • 32-Volt Battery: Worx weed eater features a 32-volt lithium battery that is wireless. This feature offers high power, and longer run-time.
  • 12-Inch Cutting Diameter: This feature enables you to cut a huge amount of grass in one pass, and the automatic single line feed enables for a smooth operation, with no bump.
  • Quick Release Lever: Worx weed eater has a quick release lever that enables quick adjustments to telescopic height, which extends up to 90-degree tilting shaft.
  • Auxiliary Handle: The front auxiliary handle of this Worx weed eater has seven easy adjustments for mowing, trimming and edging.

As you visit the internet and look for WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer review, you will see that customers are saying the same things about this garden equipment. This converts from a trimmer to an inline edger within twelve seconds, without tools needed. This is extremely fast, allowing you to tackle your garden tasks easily.

Worx weed eater has a three-in-one function; with its dual position wheels, it can convert from trimmer, edger, and mower. This is the primary reason why customers love this equipment. Its three-in-one function allows you tackle multiple garden tasks using single equipment.

The max lithium battery of this garden equipment means longer run times, high power, no slow loss of power, no self-discharge, quicker charging times, and less weight. Aside from this, you can trim fully grown weeds even on the corner of your garden as there is no power cord limiting your reach. You can expect for 35 minutes runtime for slow speed from this grass trimmer. Charging hours can extend to 3 hours maximum.

WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer is equipped with a flower space guard that does not only protect vegetation, but also acts as edger guide. For maximum comfort while trimming, its auxiliary handle has 7 adjustments for trimming, mowing, and edging.

This product is backed with a 3-year warranty, ensuring you that you can get support from its dealer, and manufacturer whenever something goes wrong with it. Assembly is also required, but it’s pretty straightforward as the instruction manual is easy to follow.

Weighting 6 lbs, WORX WG175 Cordless Grass Trimmer is extremely light garden equipment, which can help you create a professional looking garden in less time, with less work, and less effort. Besides, this can convert to a mini mower and edger, allowing you to do other garden tasks without the need of other gardening equipment. With this Worx weed eater, you can save a huge amount of money, time, and effort.

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