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WORX WG168 Cordless Trimmer Review

WORX WG168 reviewIn this WORX WG168 review, we are going to talk a good look at this new cordless electric weed eater. If you are having a small to medium sized garden then this string trimmer might be of good use to you. It also comes in a very affordable price which is another added advantage.

Before we go into the features of this trimmer, let’s see what you would want in a trimmer. You would like a powerful trimmer which is easy to use and light to handle. It also shouldn’t cost you a lot as it wouldn’t be that good for your pockets. It is safe to say that this trimmer-edger combo checks every box.

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The WORX WG168 comes with a powerful 40V battery which last longer than most of the other electric trimmers in the market right now. It comes with no self discharging which can enhance the battery life without any problem. This 40V battery is perfect for medium sized lawns and gardens. Be it trimming or edging, the battery will stay alive till the job is done.

As this is a rechargeable battery, you can charge this once it is out of juice. There is also an indicator which shows how much juice is left and it is very handy as well. To charge the entire battery, it takes a little over an hour which is better than most of the older models.

In order to make sure you don’t waste a lot of battery all the time there are 3 settings. There is a minimum setting for trimming smaller grass and a maximum setting for dealing with tough regions in your lawn. This helps to get a longer battery life.

The tool weighs only around 7.7 pounds. This is another advantage for many as lightweight trimmers are easier to handle. You can use it for as long as you want and you won’t have any pain in your arms. This is mainly due to the light weight of the machine here.

This trimmer also functions as an edger also. Switching from a trimmer to an edger is very simple. All you have to do is to flip out the metal head and use it to work on the edges.

Apart from the actual use advantages, there are other merits to this WORX WG168 model. It doesn’t account for a lot of pollution. You will be having a lot of pollution if you are using a gas model, but this is very soft on the environment. There is also very little noise which is very important to those who trim and edge the lawn/garden.

This trimmer is not a perfect one as well. There are some minor flaws which aren’t deal breakers. Some users feel that the shaft is a bit long and as the length is not adjustable, short people will have some issues with it. Otherwise this is very good trimmer.

That brings us to the end of this WORX WG168 review. This is an excellent cordless trimmer that doubles up as an edger. It comes with a good set of features but doesn’t actually cost you that much. If you have a small to medium sized area to cover, then this trimmer strikes the balance between power and cost.

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