Husqvarna 327LS 24.5cc Straight Shaft Professional String Trimmer Review

Husqvarna 327LS 24.5cc Straight Shaft Professional String Trimmer is a gas powered garden equipment that will enable you to tackle light to heavy garden tasks in just a short period of time. This Husqvarna weed eater features a heavy duty gear box, skid plate, and wing nut. Weighing 10.4 lbs, this gas powered trimmer is efficient to use for light to heavy garden tasks with less stress on your hands.

Assembly of Husqvarna weed eater is simple and easy. It consists of adjusting the loop handle, and mounting the line guard. Doing this is easy as the tools you need are included in the package. The spool is loaded with .105 lines so you won’t need to worry about it.


Husqvarna 327LS reviewAccording to Husqvarna 327LS 24.5cc Straight Shaft Professional String Trimmer reviews from real customers, the skid plate is designed to lessen wear during transport.

This professional string trimmer can take on thicker weeds and heavier brush than electric trimmers. Because the shaft is straight, you can easily maneuver it despite its weight. Its wing nut makes handle adjustment swift and easy, allowing you to adjust the trimmer to your desired position. Moreover, it has a longer reach than other models, allowing you to cut more grass and weeds from where you stand at. Besides, this trimmer is best for taller people as you will not need to do much bending when working on your lawn.

The 24.5cc motor of this trimmer is the best thing about it. It delivers more power allowing you to cut dense grass and weeds with ease. This trimmer is pretty powerful than any light-duty trimmers out there. In addition to being powerful, it is gas powered allowing you to perform trimming tasks non-stop. Rechargeable trimmers will limit your work as you need to stop if the battery runs empty. Electric trimmers will limit your reach as the power cord is often limited. These trimmers will not enable you trim edges and corners of your garden, where wall socket is not available. As with Husqvarna 327LS String Trimmer, you need to stop to refill it with gas, and go on to what you’re doing.

Advantages of Husqvarna 327LS 24.5cc Straight Shaft Professional String Trimmer

User reviews of Husqvarna 327LS 24.5cc String Trimmer reviews from claims that this product has a solid and professional feel. At this price range, you will not find other garden equipments that are as sturdy and as durable as this string trimmer.

The handle of this gas powered trimmer is easy to handle. It offers a great degree of comfort whether you hold it on the right and left side. In addition, the rear handle has a safety switch that needs to be pressed in order to trigger the throttle.

If you have to say something wrong about it, it’s probably the cost of the device which won’t look all that cheap. Other than that, it is highly durable as it is made from heavy duty materials.

This is a must-have trimmer for people who have a garden, and frequently in need to cut off the weeds and grasses growing on their yard.

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