GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer Review

GreenWorks 21142 reviewGreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer is among the most powerful grass trimmers in the market today. Reviews on Greenworks weed eater claim that this equipment has a superb performance. With a large 18-inch swath and heavy duty trim lines; this equipment is best to be used on thick vegetation. According to the company description of the GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer, this equipment can transform to a cultivator, brush cutter, and a blower with extra attachments. Let’s see how it fares in our review.

GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer Features

  • 10 Amp Electric Motor: The 10-amp motor of this trimmer delivers more power, allowing you to make a long grass and weeds shorter quickly. This trimmer is also 25% lighter than other grass trimmers.
  • 18-inch Cutting Diameter: This trimmer has a dual line bump ahead and uses standard .080-inch diameter trimmer line.
  • Quick Connect Coupler: The quick connect coupler promotes easy attachment changes. This means that you can quickly convert the trimmer to edger, brush cutter, cultivator, blower, and even pole pruner.
  • Lock-Off Switch: GreenWorks weed eater offers a high degree of safety. The lock-off switch helps prevent accidental startup, which may cause serious injury.
  • Over Mold Handles and Grips: The handles and grips of GreenWorks weed eater offers greater comfort when operating the equipment.

Advantages of GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer


GreenWorks 21142 is a gas powered trimmer that delivers more power than electric trimmers. This trimmer does a good job in edging and trimming, and has enough power to cut through tall weeds and grasses. According to several reviews, it outperforms electric trimmers and keeps up with light-duty gas trimmers. Other owners say that the 18-inch cutting diameter makes them tackle their trimming chores quickly.

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Ease of Use

The adjustable handle of GreenWorks weed eater is well balanced. The handle makes it easy for users to carry the trimmer, and the main power switch is easily accessible. This main power switch is also easy to hold down for a long period of time, and its spool is at its best. In addition, the quick connects coupler allows you transform it from trimmer to a blower, a cultivator, an edger, and a pruner with less hassle.

The bump feed works smoothly, and advances the line whenever needed. Using the bump feed can provide you with definite advantages as it can save from costly strings in the long run. Other people are complaining about the trimmers that advance line each time that start or stop the trimmer. But, this will not happen to GreenWorks weed eater as it uses a bump feed the works precisely.


GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer is entry-level grade garden equipment. The materials used in creating this trimmer are heavy-duty. You can even store it outdoors to make it always ready whenever you need it. However, it is best to keep it in the safe place when not in use to ensure its long life. In addition, the 4-year warranty from its manufacturer ensures that you can get support whenever the equipment gets damaged. Rest assured that this trimmer can keep up with your gardening requirements no matter how hard they are.

From this GreenWorks 21142 Top Mount Trimmer review, you will get a clear idea on the specs and the performance. It is a beast of machine that can bring a smile on your face. Go for it if you prefer performance and durability.

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