Grass Trimming Tips for Beginners

People who have a lawn will mostly use mowers for trimming purposes. Mowers do a great job mowing but there is still a part of your lawn that needs a little special attention. It is the corner along the sidewalks or the edges of the lawn. The blades in the mower will not be able to cover these areas, which is why you need trimmers.

Both trimmers and Edgers do an excellent job in covering those areas which are missed by the mowers. Some people use these two alone instead of the big guy which also is a wise decision depending on your needs and budget.

There are a few factors that will ensure you how good you are in trimming your lawn. Let it be the way you handle the machine or the type of machine you use, it has its own effect on the final result you get.

Safety precautions top the list. Wear protective gear in which you feel comfortable. Let it be long pants or even gloves, just make sure you are comfortable and safe at the same time. This protective clothing could prevent little scars because of sticks and other stuffs that accidentally hit you while trimming.

Even though you will find some nice music making your work all easier, it is advised not to. The main reason is that there will too much of sound to deal with. The trimmer might let out some noise and you will have to hear music at a sound much higher than that. Though entertaining, it could lead to some serious hearing damage. And also, you won’t be able to hear any calls from anyone which could lead to weird outcomes in weird situations.

If you don’t have a mower, it’s fine. But if you do have one it always recommended that you do the trimming along the perimeters first. This usually is the tricky part and if complete it first, you can breeze through the rest of the process with your lawn mower.

Another important thing to do before you start is to make sure there aren’t any stones or other stuffs which could potentially damage the strings in your trimmer. While strings are strong enough, they can still suffer some irreparable damage against stones and other hard materials.

The best time of the day to trim your grass is when the sun is up. The more the light the easier it is to trim. The reason behind this is very simple. Once it is dark enough, you won’t have light to see where obstacles are if any. This can cause some injury to you or the machine.

One last tip, if you have a smaller lawn your work is best done with an electric trimmer (corded or cordless depending on the size of the yard). Gas trimmers need fuel input and will also contribute a lot to pollution. Electric trimmers mean less noise too.

These are some useful tips for the budding gardeners who wish to do some trimming. Chip in some time later for some more useful information.