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Earthwise LST10012 12-Inch Cordless Electric String Trimmer Review

Earthwise LST10012 reviewThis Earthwise LST10012 12-Inch Cordless Electric String Trimmer Review will give you an insight about what an Earthwise weed eater has to offer. The product is a tool or machine that will enable you to tackle small to mid-side garden tasks effortlessly. Earthwise LST10012 is a cordless trimmer that is powered by 18-volt Lithium-ion battery and uses a .065 String. Although this product has a huge battery, it is extremely light and easy to use. The item comes with a guard and a smallish pool full of string. The telescoping shaft is adjustable and perfect to users with different height.

This Earthwise weed eater has features that are not different from other weed eaters available today. Its features include;

  • Adjustable Telescopic Handle Rotating Upper Handle for Edging Function
  • Auto Single Feed .065 Line
  • 3 Position Adjustable Cutting Head Angles
  • 18 V/ 2.6 AH Li-ion Battery.

The only thing that makes this Earthwise weed eater different from its counterparts is being cordless. Instead of being powered by gas or oil, the 10V Lithium-ion battery powers the machine. This is efficient as you will not need to deal with carbon monoxide emissions from gas powered weed eaters. You can also avoid oil from spilling on your lawn, allowing you to keep the environment clean.

The rotating upper handle of this Earthwise weed eater enables you to convert it to edger, and cut grass and weeds along the edges of your garden. The 12-inch cutting diameter of this weed eater allows you to cut a huge amount of weeds at one pass. This means that you can finish small to mid-size garden tasks easily.

When you read Earthwise LST10012 12 Electric String Trimmer reviews, you will see that most customers give credit to the build and quality of the item. The build and quality of the product are above average. The main grip, trigger area, and shaft adjustment point all feel solid. The batter has a solid lockup on the unit, and you can ensure that it will not fall from the unit suddenly.

The rotating handle of this Earthwise weed eater easily converts from trimmer to an edger. Rotate its handle at 180-degree to turn it to an edger while still having a comfortable grip. The cutting head, which is adjustable, comes in extremely convenient and handy if you are tackling edging tasks. Why? Because the machine can be used in 3 different angles: -degree, 30-degree, and 45-degree.

Although this machine is a little heavy than gas powered weed eaters, it’s still easy to use as the auxiliary handle grip offers a high degree of comfort. Another great thing about this weed eater is the ease of maintenance. Unlike gas powered trimmers that require a high degree of maintenance, you do not need to purchase oil in order to use the machine. The string is cheap, and the spool is easier to wind as compared to other string weed eaters. Besides, this weed eater is cheap and offers the benefits that other high-powered weed eaters provide.

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