Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer Review

Black & Decker NCC218 reviewCordless grass trimmers are becoming more popular due to the convenience that customers get from using it. However, not all grass trimmers are the same as some are better than the others. Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer is among the best grass trimmers that are available today. The design of Black and Decker weed eater allows it to be used in the most complicated garden design, and cut enormous amount of grass even on secluded corners.

Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer Features

  • 2 18-V Ni-Cd Batteries: This 12-inch cordless grass trimmer includes 2 18V batteries for a continuous operation. Unlike other electric trimmers that come with a single battery only, this trimmer comes with 2 batteries, allowing you to continue trimming your garden even if the battery has run out.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight design of Black & Decker weed eater enables users to use the device easily.
  • 12-Inch Cutting Diameter: When compared to other cordless trimmers, Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer cuts more grass in path per-charge.
  • Groom ‘N’ Edge: This feature allows the trimmer to be converted to edger with just one touch of a button.
  • This grass trimmer has centrifugal force feeds line. This means that no bumping required.

The efficient design of this trimmer easily clears fully grown weeds from hard surfaces such as patios, walkways, driveways, decks, and even garages. The only thing that you need to avoid is using this garden equipment on flower beds.

Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer is lightweight with 4.8 pounds of weight. It offers easy maneuverability for clearing debris. Aside from this, its low noise design offers quite operation, which is extremely convenient. Because it is cordless, you can trim fully grown weeds even on corners, and secluded areas as there are no power cord limiting your reach.

As you read Black & Decker NCC218 18V Cordless Trimmer review from different online sites, you will see that customers are saying the same things about it. It is comfortable, and the no-slip grip offers a higher degree of comfort while in use. This trimmer has less vibration so your hands will not feel tired even when trimming wide acre of grass.

Probably, the main advantage of Black & Decker NCC218 grass trimmer/edger is being cordless. It is electrically charged, and the use of power cord is not needed. This means that you can tackle multiple garden tasks for an extended period of time without limitation. This trimmer is environment friendly, and will not spoil the aesthetics of your lawn by leaving oils spills on the grass.

This trimmer is highly durable and energy efficient. This means that this equipment is a wise investment to make. The materials used in creating this trimmer are also durable. You can store them outdoors and pick them up whenever you need them, or store them indoors for safety.

The package includes 18V Cordless Single Speed Handheld Blower, a charger, 2 18V Ni-Cd Batteries, and backed with two year manufacturer warranty.

From this Black & Decker NCC218 grass trimmer review, you can see the best points of the equipment. If you are looking for a grass trimmer, this is one is a good choice as it offers performance, ease of handling and above all is very affordable.

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