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Black & Decker LCC140 40 volt String Trimmer Sweeper Combo Review

Black & Decker LCC140 reviewThe Black & Decker LCC140 cordless string trimmer is one of the most popular weed eaters you can find in the market. With its budget pricing, it is preferred by many people who can’t afford a gas weed eater which are more powerful in general.

In this review, we’ll take a good look at this weed eater and see if this thing is worth your time and hard earned money.

This new trimmer is set to replace the Black & Decker LST136 model which is no longer supported by the manufacturers and from what we are hearing this model is also a runaway success. The design is very similar to its predecessor. The shaft is strong and long enough to reach even the most dreadful corners you can imagine.


For power, this trimmer comes with a 40V lithium ion battery which is very good for the price. This battery is good enough for a small size to a medium sized area and can last for a long time depending on the settings you prefer. For better battery life, try to use the trimmer with a power setting of 4 or maximum 5.

You get two uses from a single unit. This is both a weed eater as well as a sweeper. The weed eater trims and also converts into an edger which is great for taking care of the sidewalks and driveways. The sweeper can help you clear the debris in places that matter (patio, garages, walks, etc.). The sweeper also has power command for obtaining either minimum power or maximum run time.

The advantage with an automatic feed spool is a nice touch. Here you don’t have to tolerate bumping and stop the trimmer to manually adjust the spool. People absolutely love this feature (Read reviews here).


Black & Decker LCC140  string trimmer

It is cordless. You don’t have to play with wires and get annoyed by the small distance you can cover. You can freely takes this trimmer to the longest corner of your lawn and get the job done. It is both simple and efficient.

It makes less noise when compared to a gas weed eater. It also causes very little pollution as there is no oil involved as in a gas string trimmer.

There is excellent value for money. For just about $160 you are getting both a trimmer and a sweeper which is a very good deal. Maintenance is also less when compared to other types of string trimmers in the market.


There are very little flaws and you should be nitpicking to find that out. The only problem with this Black & Decker LCC140 trimmer is that it cannot take care of bigger areas. If you are looking for sheer power, then you might be a little disappointed. Apart from that this is a machine that is worth every penny spent on it.

Black & Decker LCC140 String Trimmer Review: Verdict

This is a complete cordless string trimmer that offers a good number of features at a very modest price. It is affordable by pretty much anyone even with a very limited budget. Also you are getting both a trimmer and a blower for the price of one. Go get this trimmer if your garden/lawn needs some cleaning.

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