The Best Tanaka Weed Eater You Can Find Now!

Tanaka is a well-known brand in the area of power equipment. Ever since they started as a business in Japan by their founder Takashi Tanaka, they have carved a niche in every field they have stepped into. Their weed eaters (since their entry in the 1980s) are known for their power and endurance.

There are many great string trimmers you can find under their name, and it is needless to that they have also evolved with the time in order to meet the growing expectations of the customers and the industry standards. If you are someone involved with garden tools, then you definitely don’t need any introduction to them.

What do you need?

With their wide range of products, they can meet any customers’ expectation. But it is important to note that they are particularly famous for the gas weed eaters which are second to none in terms of power. Though as weed eaters are a little noisier and definitely not the clean ones, you might still find them very useful when you have a medium to large sized land.

The size of the land is what decides the trimmer you need. So we would say if you own a small area of land then it is better to be content with the less powerful cordless string trimmers. Tanaka’s powerful weed eaters will not be put to maximum use there. But if you have a large sized land waiting to be trimmed then these weed wackers can undoubtedly be used to good effectiveness.

The following are the best Tanaka Weed Trimmers you can find in the industry. Depending on your needs you can choose any one to serve your backyard.

Tanaka TBC-255SFK Commercial Grade Gas Powered Gas Trimmer

Tanaka TBC-255SFKThis is a combo kit and includes a stick edger, and a pole saw in addition to the grass trimmer. It comes with a 23 cc, 1-1/3 HP pure fire low emission 2 stroke engine. It should be noted that the engine is of commercial grade. There is S start the enables the user to start the equipment easier up to 50%.

There is a no brainer quick load trimmer head which makes things easier and save time too. The combo kit content includes an inch edger blade and a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain. The trimmer is CARB compliant, so it is usable in all states.

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Tanaka TCG31EBSLP Gas Trimmer

Tanaka TCG31EBSLPThis gas trimmer also uses the pure fire technology so that it doesn’t have to compromise on power in order to meet the emission levels. The engine that comes along is a powerful 30.8 cc, 1.4 HP commercial grade 2 stroke engine.

The heavy duty anti-vibration system reduces the vibration levels to a great extent and improves the user comfort in a big way. The steel shaft is well designed for proper transfer of power from the engine to the cutting head. The main feature of this equipment is that it is extremely cheap when compared to other as string trimmers in the market.

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Tanaka TBC-260PFL Extended Reach Trimmer

Tanaka TBC-260PFLThis is a trimmer that is designed for tall people. This comes with a 23.9 cc, 1.3 HP, 2-stroke engine that is engineered to be more powerful than some hybrid 4-stroke engine that is out there. The 60’’ solid steel shaft provides uniform transfer of power from the engine to the cutting head.

Another feature is the 5’’ semi-automatic head which is simple enough but holds up to 25 feet length of cutting line. There are other attachments and blades that can be bought separately to increase the versatility of the equipment.

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Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass TrimmerThe engine here is a 25 cc, 1.3 HP commercial grade 2-stroke engine that utilizes the pure fire emission technology to reduce the emissions from the weed trimmer. This is aimed towards people who are tall (6’5”). The light weight of the machine (12.7 lbs) makes it easier for the user to handle it.

The semi-automatic header which we have mentioned in the other models is also available here. There is also a 7-year warranty from Tanaka, which supports the device in case of any rare misbehavior. Even though it is upgraded to a few models, the price remains affordable.

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These are the best Tanaka weed trimmers you can get right now. Pick your one and never look back. Have a good time trimming your lawn!

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