Best Commercial Weed Eaters – The Tough Ones

When you say commercial, you expect something that is more than the usual household stuff; something which can be a workhorse and perform extended workloads. And as far as weed eaters/wackers are concerned, you might very well expect them to last for a long period and give its best performance in your lawn.

There are quite a few factors like performance, durability, life and cost that determine the best piece of equipment. These commercial weed eaters are found not to be short in any of the qualities mentioned above. It was little tough to bring down the list of the best commercial weed eaters to five when there are so many options open on the market. But we have managed to put up an elite list of commercial weed eaters which you will also agree to be the best.

Husqvarna 224L 17-Inch 25cc 4-Stroke Professional Straight Shaft String Trimmer

This one is a powerhouse and you can feel it by seeing the amazing spec. A 17-inch 25cc 4-stroke string trimmer is something that shouts commercial all over its name. The weight of the trimmer is also light at just above 11 pounds which mean it is as comfortable as it gets.

There is a smart start system which enables very quick starting of the trimmer. The air purge system removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system making it easy for the smart start system. There is also no need to mix fuel and oil to run this. You can also have your standard warranty of 2 years extended to up to 4 years. A little disadvantage here is that it is not CARB compliant, and hence, you can’t buy and use it in California.

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Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer

The Poulan Pro 966774301 is another well-built string trimmer that can do a great of work. This one is a 4-stroke gas trimmer which means you don’t have to mix fuel and oil like you have to in a 2-cycle equipment, and this saves quite some time for people who value their time.

The 28cc engine means sheer power, and this is well complemented by the straight shaft and also the light weight of the trimmer (approx. 13 pounds). A big advantage here is the price. When you have costlier machines with the same spec, this one springs a surprise in terms of the price.

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Tanaka Commercial Grade Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer TBC-340PF

This one has got the commercial grade in its name and stands by it every single time. The 32 cc engine is very powerful, and you know why. Though you have to mix fuel, it compensated by the sheer power of the device.

It is comfortable to handle with a strong steel straight shaft and also weighs only around 13 pounds.  In additional to this, it is also CARB compliant which is an added advantage. We highly recommend it to people who like power as the main feature.

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Husqvarna 323L 24.5cc E-Tech 2-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer With Smart Start

Another beast from the house of Husqvarna. The 24.5 cc 2-cycle engine does the most of the talking. The straight shaft is comfortable to hold, and the weight which is just around 9 pounds also adds to comfort.

The engine starts without much trouble, and the resetting of the stop switch to start positions makes this even easier. You get the 4-year warranty from Husqvarna. A little trouble for Californians, yes you guessed it, not CARB compliant.

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Echo SRM-225 21.2 cc Gas Power Straight Shaft Trimmer

We have already posted a detailed review of this excellent machine. Though it might look a little weak when compared to the big boys above, it performs up to the same level. This one is comfortable to hold and weighs less.

The i-30 starting system makes starting a breeze. The vibration from the engine has also been noticeably reduced, and this gives a neat user experience. The price also isn’t very expensive.

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There you go. These are our best commercial weed eaters. Hope you like the list. If we have missed an important player in the market or you would to suggest any, do tell us about that by contacting us using the contact us form.