Best Budget Weed Eaters

Are you surprised after seeing those high priced weed eaters? Do you have a small yard/garden that actually doesn’t need the kind of power you saw in the home page.

Don’t worry. Below is a list of Best Budget Weed Eaters that come at a price less than $100. There are a lot of factors involved in the selection criteria and one of the most weighed factor was the feedback and the satisfaction the customers had after using the product. Feel free to have your pick.

ProductPictureRatingNo. of ReviewsCost Discount
Black & Decker NST2118
4622Tier 228%
Black & Decker LST220
4.2510Tier 269%
GreenWorks 21142
3.8537Tier 25%
Black & Decker NCC218
511Tier 123%
Earthwise CST00012
3.9195Tier 1N/A
Ryobi RY26520
3.958Tier 238%
GreenWorks 21262
51Tier 1N/A
Remington RM2520
52Tier 115%
GreenWorks 21332
3.874Tier 219%
3.820Tier 135%


Column 1: Model Name

Column 2: Picture of the product. Click to view a bigger image.

Column 3: Rating out of 5.

Column 4: Number of Reviews the Product has

Column 5: Cost. We’ve split the cost into 3 tier. Tier 1 is between $81 and $100. Tier 2 is between $51 and $80. Tier 3 is less than $50.

Column 6: Discount %

There are cheaper products than these but we decided not to include those considering the quality of the products.

Hope this list helps you to pick your Weed Eater in a Budget.

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