5 Must Have Tools in a Gardener’s Arsenal

There are some tools which the gardeners just can’t miss. Below are some tools which we feel will be of tremendous use to people in a garden.


Spades are the kind of tools you will need even before you start a garden. In other words, they are the beginning point of any backyard. They can be used for digging holes and rearranging the soil beds in your gardening area. There are quite a lot more uses for it than mentioned.

Always look for ones with a sturdy handle and a steelhead. Though some can put a hole in your wallet, if you make the right choice you do not have to worry about replacing it throughout your gardening period.


A Hoe is one the most versatile tools in the gardener’s tool kit. Primarily more useful for vegetable gardens, it can be used to move small amounts of soil and tackle weeds around the plants. There are pull and push hoes, and you may select the one which you might be comfortable handling.

Hand Trowel

The hand trowel is one of the traditional tools which you still can’t keep out of business. Usually smaller in size than many other tools serves a lot. It is primarily used for planting shrubs and vegetables. Taking on weeds is also another use it is widely known for.

Trowels come in different price ranges. The ones with the forged stainless steel top that list but will stand out in your tool kit if you can afford one.

Trimmers and Edgers

This one is more about landscaping rather than gardening. When you need to check your grass in your lawn or backyard, you will definitely need a trimmer. These are found in different price ranges from super cheap to very expensive. There are different types of trimmers and edgers which use a different source of power. For the best trimmers read our ultimate guide.


Some people really love to prune. There is no need to recommend one to them as they already might have a pair with them.

Pruners can be useful in shaping up your garden, and you can also check the height of the shrubs. It is crucial that you get a pair which is comfortable for handling. Once you get that comfy pair, you will spend a lot of time doing this. And if think of any work that could be tough to the pruner, hand it over to the loppers as they can do the same job as the pruners.

These are some tools that can be very helpful to the gardeners. Not only will they be helpful, but they will also make you work efficiently in creating and maintaining your garden.